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Nowadays in Cape Verde, there is a wide palette of accommodations in all categories. Comfortable hotels such as the Foya Branca on Sao Vincente, or the Xaguate in Sao Filipe on Fogo belong to our partners just like houses with a familiar atmosphere, like the Fatima Pension on Sao Antao or the Pedra Brabo in Cha das Calderas at the foot of the volcano.
In the selection of our accommodations, we pay close attention to the location of the hotels, such as directly at the ocean or in a pretty village in the mountains, and also to a stylish atmosphere. Contact with the indigenous people is equally very important to us. For many travellers, the housing for 2-3 days with an indigenous family counts among the most impressive experiences of their trip to Cape Verde. One lives a simple life at Fernando’s in Cha das Calderas, yet the close contact with the family, an abundant evening meal under the straw roof in the yard and the insight in the everyday life of the people here remain a memorable experience.
Of course, the Cape Verdean cuisine also plays a very important role in our travels: including fish and seafood directly from the ocean, manioc, yam, sweet potatoes and tasty market-fresh vegetables, a savoury Feijoada (bean stew), or Cachupa, Cape Verde’s national dish with corn and beans, prepared for us by our hostess.

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